Who We Serve

We serve local individuals and families.  Many of our lunch recipients are at high risk and/or have limited mobility.  Some are individuals or families of uncertain immigration status, while others are existing on support from government services and are considered to be suffering from housing/food insecurity. 

150 lunches each week

11,000 lunches since March 2020

2 food pantries restocked weekly

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We currently send out about 150 lunches each week, and have delivered 11,000 lunches since the beginning of the pandemic.  Our food pantry is restocked several times a week, demonstrating the unseen need that still exists.   Individuals and families are referred to us through the Hopewell Council of Churches, neighbors, local doctors, municipal officials, or other families in need.  The Chubby’s Project serves those in need regardless of their circumstances, there is no criteria to receive our services.

Carton of Eggs

"The best place to store food is in the belly of my neighbor."

— A member of the Piraha people